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If you were stuck in an elevator with someone you truly admired… would you know what to say?

Master the Art of “Small Talk” Quickly and Easily… and Finally Have the Confidence and Poise to Build Powerful, Positive Relationships in Any Situation!

  • Build instant rapport with anyone… even CEOs, celebrities, and other “unapproachables”.
  • Banish awkwardness and shyness forever… so that you can present yourself confidently.
  • Communicate effectively to build friendships, entertain, and win others over… no matter whether you’re at the bar or in the boardroom.
  • Never be afraid to strike up a conversation again!

Ready to master “small talk” and finally enjoy the impressive confidence you deserve?

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Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question: When you meet a stranger, is it easy for you to strike up a conversation?

If you’re like most of us, your answer is probably a HUGE “NO”

Instead, the prospect of “breaking the ice” with someone makes you pretty nervous, doesn’t it?

Tell me, have you ever had any of these happen to you?

  • You’ve tried to chat up someone while waiting in line or in an elevator, but you just ended up sounding forced and awkward… and wishing you’d just kept your mouth shut!
  • You’ve found yourself next to someone important, such as your company’s CEO… but you couldn’t bring yourself to speak because you were afraid you’d make a bad impression!
  • You’ve gotten right to the point when asking for what you want instead of developing rapport first… and the person you asked simply shut you down without hearing you out!
  • You have trouble making friends because you come off as insecure when you meet people!
  • You’ve missed the chance to meet a celebrity because you just couldn’t think of anything to say!
  • You wish that someone would give you a simple way to break the ice with anyone… so that you could finally start developing the connections and friendships you truly deserve!

You probably nodded your head when you read at least a couple of these, didn’t you?

It’s okay. And I need you to understand that you’re not alone. Small talk terrifies millions of people around the world. In fact, most people are more afraid of talking to strangers than they are of dying!

But Mastering the Art of Small Talk Doesn’t Have to Be Scary!

What if you could easily obtain the skills you need to engage in effective, pleasant small talk… no matter what situation you find yourself in or who you want to meet?

What if you could show confidence and poise… so that others would want to get to know you?

And best of all, what if you could absolutely master small talk in 30 days or less… starting right now?

Look, I know that if you’ve felt uneasy with small talk in the past… this all might sound pretty far-fetched to you. There was a time when I felt the same way.

Allow me to explain:

I Missed Out on the “Chance of a Lifetime” but You Don’t Have To!

Not too many years ago, I was a lot like you are now. The mere thought of striking up a conversation with a stranger made my heart pound. I actually went out of my way to avoid situations where I’d be forced to make small talk, because I was terrified that I’d just end up spouting a bunch of “ums” and “ahs” and end up looking like an idiot.

My anxiety peaked one day when I was sitting in a coffee shop and spotted one of my favorite celebrities. I desperately wanted his autograph… but I had no idea how to break the ice. So I did what most of us would do ‐ I simply asked for the autograph without offering so much as a “hello” first.

He turned me down on the spot. Not only that, but he was pretty rude about it.

I felt pretty stupid afterward… but then I realized that he reacted that way because I hadn’t taken the time to build rapport first. I knew that if I ever got the chance to meet a celebrity again, I was going to have to have some pretty incredible small talk skills if I wanted to get that coveted autograph.

So I started studying every book, every video, and every course on small talk that I could get my hands on. It took months of research and a lot of late nights… but eventually, I found exactly what I needed to master the art of small talk!

(By the way, I happened to bump into another of my favorite celebs not long after I had perfected my small talk skills. This time was far different: Because I had built rapport with him… he actually offered to give me his autograph!)

It felt awesome to finally be able to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere.

But I knew that there were still millions of people out there ‐ interesting, incredible people like you ‐ who still struggled with small talk. So I committed to putting everything I learned into a simple, affordable, easy-to-follow course… so that you can easily, confidently chat with anyone!

My friend, that course is just a click away!

Introducing: How to Become a Small Talk Professional

The Easy Way to Master Small Talk and Build Instant Rapport… Even if You’ve Been a “Wallflower” for Your Entire Life!

I’ve designed How to Become a Small Talk Professional to give you everything you need to confidently engage in effective small talk with anyone. In fact, you’ll get the in-depth guide just moments after you complete your order… so you can start honing your conversation skills starting today!

When you get your hands on this incredible training, you’re going to quickly see how powerful small talk really is… and how you can use it to build rapport and leverage situations such as:

  • Business lunches
  • Celebrity sightings
  • Elevator rides
  • Networking events
  • “Water Cooler” time
  • And many more!

Best of all, you don’t have to practice for years to become an expert in small talk. In fact, you can dramatically improve your confidence and speaking skills in just 30 days or less!

" I have been all to familiar with the awkward silence. This course really made a difference. Now I know how to deal with that. I am never running out of conversation starters, again!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this course! "
Michelle Roberts, Marietta / GA / USA

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Discover in “How to Become a Small Talk Professional”

  • You’ll discover why “talent” is a myth when it comes to small talk… and how anyone (including you) can develop the skills to break the ice with absolutely anyone! (See Page 7.)
  • Starting on Page 11, you’ll learn how to distinguish effective small talk from meaningless “babble” so that you create a positive impression every single time!
  • You’ll master the art of conversation “flow” to eliminate awkwardness and make others feel at ease around you! (Get the details starting on page 21.)
  • You’ll find out how to use the “positive agreement” technique to instantly build rapport and become a trusted friend… even if you’ve only chatted for a couple of minutes! (See page 33.)
  • You’ll learn the two words you must avoid if you want to make a positive impression ‐ skip Page 43, and you might as well not speak up at all!
  • Starting on Page 49, you’ll get specific techniques for making small talk in formal situations, such as business meetings and lunches!
  • You’ll learn how to shine at parties and other social events… even if you don’t know anyone at all when you show up! (Page 51 has all the tips you need.)
  • You’ll learn how to make effective small talk automatic… so that you can strike up a conversation anywhere without any fear or worry at all! (See page 55.)
  • And much, MUCH more!

" I do confess it: I was true hater of networking events before. Even thinking about meeting new people and making connections talking made me anxious.

After talking the course I know that everybody - even introverts like me - can learn techniques to be an enganging communicator. And that makes so much more comfortable. "
David Baker, Brisbane / Australia


" Simply put: do not sit on your a**, do the course and see for yourself what it can do for you. It simply works! "
Amanda L., USA


Get “How to Become a Small Talk Professional” and Master Small Talk Starting Today!

Why spend another day dreading those “ice breaker” situations… when you can get your hands on the proven tips, tricks, and tools you need to confidently communicate with anyone?

Right now, you’re getting the entire guide for less than the price of a nice dinner for two. And if you’re serious about using small talk to build relationships and take advantage of opportunities, upgrade your package to get valuable practice worksheets that will take your skills to the next level… or add our 30-day email course option to develop the most powerful communication skills possible!

  • GOOD
    “How to Become a Small Talk Professional” Ebook
    Order Now ‐ Just $39
    “How to Become a Small Talk Professional” Ebook
    PLUS Exercise Worksheets for Real-World Practice
    Order Now ‐ Just $59
  • BEST
    “How to Become a Small Talk Professional” Ebook
    and Exercise Worksheets
    PLUS 30-Day Email Course
    Order Now ‐ Just $69

I look forward to hearing about how your small talk skills have opened doors in your life!

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P.S.: You can expect to spend $100 or more for just one hour with a communication coach… and you won’t learn even a fraction of the skills you’re getting with “How to Become a Small Talk Professional.” But right now, you’re investing much less than that amount to get absolutely everything you need to communicate effectively! Do yourself a favor and order today!

" I always asked myself whether I am the only one that has the problem of talking to the colleagues at work. Apparently I am not!

Christopher build a course that goes beyond advice and gave me the opportunity to really improve myself. Within 30 days I learned the tools to overcome my fears and connect with my colleagues.

Aside from that feeling awesome it also helps me with my career! "
Vladimir Rečnik, Poland

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