Use this Skill of the Ancients: Storytelling

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Storytelling the skill of the ancientFrom Ancient times to the present day, one thing that has been passed along is storytelling. It has served as the most authentic way to deliver messages, or to explain incidents.

Throughout history, graphics were found on cave walls, so important messages can be passed along generation after generation. That is the key on storytelling; it helps to create images in our heads to grab the messages.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are using storytelling for yourself or your business every day.

Being a good storyteller is definitely an excellent social skill to master, as it is one of our most valuable assets in connecting with others. The power of stories is capable of moving people to action far better than any invasive approach one can think of using.

While stories are great at conveying important morals and lessons to children, they can also help to deliver a brand promise to the market.

You can improve your ability to make both casual and professional conversation by learning some key storytelling techniques:

The Hero’s Journey

Once upon a time… Can you recall? This is a classic story structure that can be found in most folk tales, mythology stories and famous writing throughout history.

The hero is always called to leave their home and sets out on challenging quest. They will have to step away from what they are familiar with into threatening unknown places. Upon overcoming the journey, they return home with a reward or an invaluable wisdom – something which will help the others.

When you want to demonstrate how you learned a newfound wisdom, it can help you to bring your message alive for your audience.

The Un-Predictable

Ever heard of a story which the ending seems so predictable in the beginning, but with an unexpected interruption and things take on a complete different direction.

This format is great for talking about a time that you failed in something and were forced going back to tackle the issue all over again. It’s ideal for talking about the things that you learnt from that experience, particularly the genius ideas you came up with. When you want to shift attention quickly from your audience’s expectations and entice them into paying closer attention to you, it can help you to keep them engaged.

The Pain & Opportunity

Everyone goes through painful moment in daily life, this instantly gets attention and compassion from audience. When you add another layer of positive story, then it becomes a lot more captivating.

This is an ideal style for talking about the victory you have experienced, and the act of courage you have displayed through the journey. This can help you to show the process of how you were inspired by the pain and came to a conclusion as opportunity.

The Personal Story

Tell it as it is. Show your personality. Reveal your weak side and what you fear most. Everybody has those weaknesses and fears in them.

This is ideal to leverage a hidden power of storytelling: When we tell our own story, very often we are speaking on behalf of the audiences’ story too. After all, your audiences are your ideal customers or clients. When you want to build a deep emotional connection with your audience, nothing beats a genuine and honest story.

Go Out & Tell 'em!

Everyone has a story to tell.

Practice these storytelling techniques, brighten up your talk and start making those engaging and exciting conversations both casually and professionally.

Trust the ancients: stories are meant to stay!

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