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What Every Body is Saying (Book Cover)

About Author Joe Navarro

Joe Navarro was born in the year of 1953, and is a highly renowned American author and a public speaker. He has served as an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) special agent for almost 25 years now.

He is highly skilled in evaluating behaviors and has specialized in the area of counterintelligence. He has laid ultimate focus on understanding body language non-verbal communication and has taken part in consulting some of the most famous corporations in the world.

Mastering the secrets of Non -Verbal communication

The book "What Every Body is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People" explains to us the vital importance of understanding body language and how essential it can be to human life. The book implies that non-verbal communication is a form of language which can be translated instantly, without making an effort to form words.

In the first chapter, “Mastering the secrets of Non-verbal communication,” the author tells the audience of his own experience of discovering the art of nonverbal communication at a very early age, and never losing track of it.

He explains that there are numerous eye behaviours and movements, and each of them denotes a different meaning. In simple words, non-verbal communication is transmitting information or expressing yourself to others simply by using gestures, facial expressions, sign language, body movements and body posture, tone, and even body ornaments such as jewelry, hairstyles etc.

Nonverbal communication is known to be accountable for most of the interpersonal communication, mostly between married couples. “Action speaks louder than words,” is the shortest yet most meaningful explanation which signifies to us the importance of nonverbal communications. At times, non-verbal cues do most of the talking for us. Gestures and facial expressions can explain a lot about a person, because at times people cannot clarify their spoken words.

Importance of understanding Non-verbal communication

In another area of this book, Joe Navarro also explains how ones’ life can be enhanced by using nonverbal communication. The success rate is higher for those who find it relatively easy to decode nonverbal messages. This powerful tool can be mastered by anyone and everyone, and one must master it to enrich their lives and relationships with others. Also, mutual effort is required if one seeks to master the art of nonverbal communication. In simple words, both the partners must contribute something to the relationship.

This book is full of optimism. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and I felt good about it the entire time I was reading it. I would also like to add, that it was definitely worth purchasing, and I would rank it 4 out of 5 stars. This book is highly informative and presents the reader with the basic understanding which he/she can relate to his/her practical life. It is written in easy and simple words and has been a phenomenal hit.

Contrariwise, there are some negative facts that need to be highlighted too. At times, I felt that the book contained very basic information. Although very enjoyable, it did not really surpass my expectations. There were some things I was eagerly searching for, but they seemed to be missing. Had they been a part of this book, it would have been a 5 out of 5 one for sure.


This book has the capability of captivating minds.

The addition of Navarro's personal experiences had made it all the more interesting. It has presented the reader with a clear idea of the various non-verbal cues which can be used in different situations and how people could gain an understanding from it.

I would highly recommend "What Every Body is Saying" to other people as it is one of Joe Navarro's greatest chunk of work. It is especially appealing for people who have trouble in maintaining relationships because of a lack of nonverbal communication.


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