The Kind Of Talk You Should Bring for a First Date

Written by Christopher Lewis. Posted in Blog

A perfect first dates conversation topicsThere are few times so fraught with fear as the first date. Often blamed for knee knocking, sweaty palms and other nervous conditions, the fear comes in the dreaded first date conversation. People in this technologically savvy world have seem to forgotten the art of conversation.

It does take a fair amount of courage to ask someone out on a date, that is true. The reality is you will only have one opportunity to make a first impression. If you are interested in "small talk" opt for your first date in a restaurant. The more creative you are with location, the more there is a chance for a date not centered around "chit-chat".

As men are the one who make the dating arrangements in most cases, they promote places where they feel comfortable. Laconic men are not an anomaly, and it often requires a great amount of effort for these people to have conversations with anyone, let alone the opposite sex.

So how does one have a productive first date conversation? What topics are off limits and what question will lead to a second date? Here is a listing of some of the areas that should be avoided and some that can be asked on a first date,and the rationale behind each area.

  1. Avoid asking about his/her past-reality is these questions are intrusive and none of your business, unless your date opens the issue, still be wary
  2. Ask about siblings- it shows interest about his/her personal life-listen carefully to get insight into her life
  3. Ask open ended question that require explanations-where have you traveled, what did you enjoy most there, etc.
  4. How's your job?
  5. What does your date do in the free time?
  6. Why they choose the career they did?
  7. Ask hypothetical questions-what would you do if you won the lottery, for example
  8. When ever you ask question: maintain eye contact and show interest  

Not everyone has enough in common to sustain a relationship. Small talk is a great tool to get the conversation going and to get to know your date.

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