10 Questions That Need to Be Banned from Casual Conversation

Written by Christopher Lewis. Posted in Blog

Do not ask this questions when making conversationCasual conversations are supposed to make people feel connected to one another. They are not intended to cause embarrassment, sadness, anxiety or shame. While you absolutely cannot predict how someone is going to respond to a particular question, you need to make it your mission to remove these interrogative sentences from your chats.

  1. When are you having kids?
    The time at which another person, or couple, is going to have children is none of your business. You can cause some serious sadness in individuals who are going through infertility treatments or who have miscarried one or more children in their quest to become pregnant.

  2. Are you abusing drugs or alcohol?
    Sometimes, you need to ask this question of a loved one, but it is not best suited for casual conversations. Select a time when you can sit down with the person in question and really chat to express your concerns.

  3. Why didn't he propose yet?
    This question is inappropriate in a casual conversation because the person is either already upset that a proposal has not happened or she knows the reason why it hasn't. Again, the reasons are absolutely none of your business to ask about.
  1. How much money do you make?
    Unless you want to know how much money your fiance or spouse makes, this question should never find its way into a casual conversation. Some people are ashamed of their salaries, and others do not want people to know how much money they bring in on a regular basis.

  2. How much do you weigh?
    People are very sensitive about their weight. You might think that it is okay to ask this question of a thin friend or a family member who has recently dropped a lot of weight, but the person can absolutely still be insecure.

  3.  That's not the right parenting technique. Why don't you try my way?
    Both moms and dads alike become infuriated when someone questions their parenting techniques. Unless you think the children are in actual danger, you need to keep quiet and respect that people parent in different ways.

  4. You shouldn't really eat that, right?
    You have absolutely no idea what else the person ate that day or what private conversations he or she had with the doctor. In some cases, you might have real concerns about the weight of a loved one. If that is the situation, save it for a more formal conversation.

  5. Why didn't you ask me to be in your bridal party?
    When people are not asked to be in a bridal party, it is understandable that they feel hurt. Try your best not to ask this question at all. If you absolutely must, realize that springing it upon a person suddenly is likely to end in a fight.

  6. Can you co-sign for me on a loan?
    Topics of money should never be handled in casual conversations. Asking someone to co-sign for you on a loan is a major decision that the person needs to make without feeling pressured into it by you.

  7. Don't you realize that your opinion is wrong?
    This question often comes up when people are discussing religion and politics, two topics that are often warned against in any conversation at all. While having open conversations about these topics can lead to more understanding, make sure you don't suddenly bringing either of them up in the middle of a light-hearted conversation.

When you make an effort to avoid these ten questions in casual conversations, you may notice that your overall rapport with family members and friends grows.

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