Casual Conversation In The Personal Life

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The Benefits Of Small Talk With Your Family & Friends

Small Talk in the personal lifeSmall talk is a phrase that aggravates the ears of some and perks up the hearing instruments of others. However, no matter how you feel about it, you might think that small talk is best left for strangers. In fact, engaging this type of conversation with family members and friends can have important benefits for all of you.

Keep It Casual

Chances are, when something is going wrong in your life, or when you feel that you need to unload some steam, you call upon the ears of a person close to you. While these conversations are likely to run for the duration of your relationship, you don't always want to have intense talks with your loved ones. Keeping the topics light once in awhile helps to remind the two of you that your relationship does not always have to focus on stressful and heavy topics and conversations. 

Starting the Conversation 

No matter how well you know someone or how close the bond that you share is, you might run out of subjects to talk about every once in awhile. This does not mean that your friendship should end or that your bond with your family member is growing weak. It just means that you might need some small talk to light a little bit of fire in that engine. Ask your friend how his or her day at work was, and the two of you might begin a lengthy conversation about a party that the company is throwing next month.

Tired, But Want to Talk

At the end of a long day of work, you probably come home and just want to relax. However, you don't necessarily get to spend a lot of time with your significant other or your sibling. Even though the both of you are exhausted, you still want to have some quality time together. Instead of hemming and hawing over topics in the news or trying to figure out the answer to some impossible riddle together, just be comfortable discussing the weather, where you went for lunch or what you're planning to buy at the grocery store next week.

Come Back from a Bad Time

When you are close with a particular person, you are probably going to go through both good and bad times. After the two of you have made up from a fight or after you have spent a decent amount of time not speaking to each other, suddenly starting to talk about some major issue or event can be a little bit awkward. Instead, ask how the other person's sibling is doing or how the individual handled last week's snowstorm. These little snippets of conversation will help you move your way back to more important conversations.

To Distract from Tough Times

Part of the reason why the two of you have a relationship is because you are there for one another during even the most difficult of times. Small talk can actually help you to continue building that bridge as opposed to breaking down the communication barrier. Imagine that your friend's loved one has just passed away. He or she likely does not want to chat about a vacation that is planned for the following week. If the person is open to conversation, asking simple questions, and filling the individual in on small details from your own life, can help to keep his or her mind off of the sadness unfolding all around.

Small talk is a vital tool of conversation, and now, you know that you do not have to reserve these types of chats only for strangers any longer. 

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