7 Tips To Start Conversations With Colleagues In Your New Job

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Saying hello to colleagues in your new jobStarting a new job can intimidating and nerve-racking especially on the first day.

Being a new employee means having to start networking within the business. Striking up a conversation can be hard at first but here are 7 tips to help you begin.

  1. Introduce yourself
    This sounds like an easy task but for many this first initial step can cause your heart to pound.
    Simply state, Hello, my name is _____ and I just started in the _______ department.
    Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to people that hold different levels in the company. Making a good impression can help with your future goals.

  2. Ask someone, How is your day going so far?
    The simply question can help start a conversation.
    Make certain when you ask the question, you listen for the answer. After the person answers, you can introduce yourself and proceed carrying on the conversation.

  1. Get to know someone by asking How long have you been working here? Listen for the answer. Then explain that you have just begun with company.
    This works really well if you can find someone who has been with the company for a long period of time, the person can show you around and introduce you to others in the department.

  2. Make a statement about the weather, followed by an open ended question. Wow, today has turned out hot and humid, has anyone heard the forecast for the rest of the week?
    Commenting on a hot day many seem like a generic approach, but the weather is a subject everyone has to deal with on a daily basis.

Fight your Shyness

  1. Tea or coffee?
    If working in a team or in a department that has many employees, ask about the coffee or tea situation. For example, What are the rules for drinking coffee at our desk? or Is there a certain process in purchasing (or making) coffee?
    By asking about the rules, you can strike up a conversation and know what is acceptable when drinking a beverage during work hours.

  2. Use your lunch break!
    When getting ready to go on a lunch break, ask the nearest co-worker questions. For example, you can ask, Where is the nearest place to get a good salad? The type of food is what you would personally like to eat for lunch; the subject is a great way to start a conversation.
    A lot of times if there is a group going to lunch at a local café or restaurant, one of the group members will ask you to join. Make certain you join especially during the first week on the job.
    Joining the group for lunch will help you learn about the company and your fellow co-workers.

  3. Make an observation about the business day, followed by an open ended question and statement.
    An example of this approach would be, We seem to be very busy with client calls today. Are all days like this? I like keeping busy. Then, allow the co-worker to respond.
    Do not make a negative comment about the business day, always try to stay positive and do not participate in gossip. Being positive in observations will get noticed by other co-workers and managers.

These are only a handful of conversation starters.

As a new employee, you can also just ask questions about the business or your specific job.
Ask a co-worker if you are doing the job correctly.

By asking questions about your job you can start a conversation and get feedback on your performance.

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